Roof adhesive and roofing tools specially formulated for EPDM rubber flat roofs. A complete range for unparalleled performance. Superb weatherproofing requires exceptional products . . .

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Hertalan manufacture a complete range of specially formulated roof adhesive and roofing tools. They are subject to the same rigorous quality standards as the rest of the Hertalan EPDM rubber flat roof system.

They are tried and tested to provide the best solutions for EPDM rubber flat roof fitting . . . They are unique to Hertalan and are the most comprehensive range of purpose designed adhesives and roofing tools in the industry.

The range includes:

• An elastic sealant based on silicone for a sealant and joint sealer. Used on concrete, stone, comparable substrates or between the roof edge profile and the EPDM rubber flat roof membrane.

• An elastic sealant based on a MS polymer for adhering EPDM roofing and cladding. Used on wood, concrete, bitumen, EPDM, metal, brickwork etc.

• A primer based on polyurethane resin and solvents. Used on porous substrates to improve the adhesion and to provide a roof adhesive layer.

• A contact adhesive for adhering EPDM rubber flat roof membranes and rolls. Used when the EPDM rubber has to be adhered to wood, concrete, metal or EPDM.

• A bonding adhesive for adhering EPDM rubber flat roof systems onto flat roofs. Used on timber, concrete, bitumen and approved PIR insulation boards.

• An adhesive for EPDM rubber flat roof and cladding systems on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Used on wood, concrete, felt and coated insulation boards.
wide range of roofing tools . . .
To complement their specialist adhesives Hertalan have developed a wide range of roofing tools for their EPDM systems.

They provide our certified installers with additional resources for potentially difficult detailing, on site seam welding etc.

With our approved fitters utilising Hertalan’s outstanding range of roofing adhesives and roofing tools we can guarantee an exceptional rubber flat roof – each and every time!

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