A reinforced EPDM rubber flashing that is an eco-friendly lead flashing alternative. It is cost effective, rapidly installed and has no intrinsic resale value. Also Hertalan's complete range of specially developed rubber flat roof accessories . . .

eco-friendly lead flashing - hertaled

Hertalan's “hertaled” EPDM rubber flashing is an eco-friendly lead flashing alternative which is reinforced with aluminium mesh.

It is possible to bend and mould the EPDM rubber flashing which makes it suitable for many applications.

Hertalan's “hertaled” reinforced EPDM flashing is produced and certified to the following UK, European and International Standards:

hertaled diagram • BBA Certificate 91/2728.

• ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

• UEAtc K4276.

• DIN 7864 T.1.

• DIN 4102 B2.

It was specially developed by Hertalan to provide an environmentally friendly substitute for lead flashing. Unlike lead Hertalan's rubber flashing does not leach heavy metals into the environment.

In addition it can be rapidly installed, which adds to its cost effectiveness.

Hertalan's “hertaled” has no intrinsic resale value - so there is little or no chance of it being stolen!

Hertalan have also specially developed a complete range of rubber flat roof accessories. They are produced to Hertalan's rigorous quality standards and have been designed to work with all of the rubber flat roof systems.

preformed epdm internal/external corner

Prefabricated corners are for weatherproofing standard internal or external 90° corners.

preformed epdm skylight corner Factory produced skylight corners are for making 45° angled corners watertight.

preformed epdm pipe sleeve

Preformed pipe sleeves are for the waterproofing of pipe protrusions. They are tapered and are manufactured in two different diameters. As they can be cut to length they enable the waterproofing of most pipe outlets.

Hertalan also produce a “site sleeve” which can be used if the preformed pipe sleeves do not suit the diameter of a particular pipe outlet.

preformed epdm roof drain Roof drains are manufactured sleeves to be used as spigots for the drainage of rainwater from rubber flat roofs.

A comprehensive range of rubber flat roof accessories for every eventuality. Contact us today to find out how we can make your best flat roof a reality!

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